Do It Yourself Security Landscaping

TL Rated Safes may be your best bet in thwarting thieves.

HIGHLIFE Firethorn
Tony Gallo | Sapphire Risk Advisory Group
Tony Gallo | Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

Some security programs for your home or business might be easier than you think. Locks, alarms, lighting and video systems are always a good start to protect your location from intruders, but there are always more security measures one can take. Outside windows are always a vulnerability because these windows are easily accessible by thieves.

By adding “defensive plants” around your house or business at possible points of entry such as outside windows or fence lines you can not only better protect your home or business but also decorate it as well. Defensive plants, like spiny shrubs or bushes, have been used for centuries as natural defensive barriers. These types of plants can create a boundary thieves will avoid in favor of an easier targets.

Most thieves are lazy, they look for easy ways of getting into a home or business. By taking a few simple precautions you can reduce the risk of being burglarized and make your location more secure.

The below defensive plants, and helpful tips, can proactively create natural security barriers outside or around your location. All of these plants are installation friendly and might even increase the value of your property as they protect your assets.

Bamboo Fencing Protection

Bamboo rolls are very strong and sturdy, which makes it difficult to tamper or destroy. It’s not an easy thing to break through with your bare hands or low-quality tools. Bamboo is very hard to penetrate and makes lots of noise, so it will alert you if someone is tampering with it.

Bamboo is great to build a fence around, and it looks very pretty. It can stand alone or be used to disguise a chain link fence. A similar option is reed fencing. Often, these fencing materials can be purchased at your local hardware store. 


The Blackthorn plant is a great option to put in front of a window to limit access to your location. It looks like a fruit plant, but it’s spines can really hurt someone, so you might consider this as an option to cover a vulnerable window.

American Holly

This is a plant that takes as long as 100 years to grow, but once it becomes a bush it’s a great way to keep people away. If you get too close to it, it can cause a lot of pain and damage.  


You could add Firethorn around your walls or even in front of a window. This plant has some thorns, which you wouldn’t want to mess with. It grows quick and is difficult to penetrate. 

Shrub Rose


Shrub Roses are great to keep people away with their thorny stem. This will limit possible intruders from attempting to burglarize your location. This beautiful rose comes in many colors. This is perfect to scatter around your location in vulnerable spots, or to simply just decorate your outside.

Business and homeowners are always looking for cost-effective ways to enhance their security. These simple tips will protect your location as well as provide some safety and peace of mind.

Tony Gallo is a licensed security consultant and Managing Partner for Sapphire Risk Advisory Group, named one of the Top 100 ancillary companies in the cannabis industry. Tony has more than 30 years of retail experience in the Loss Prevention, Audit, Safety, and Risk/Emergency Management fields. He is considered one of the leading authorities in cannabis security, armed robberies and burglary investigations.  Tony is a published author on cannabis security designs and over the last seven years has spoken at numerous cannabis business conferences across the country.