Angelica Lilley | Florida Women In Cannabis Winner 2020

Angelica Lilley - Florida Women In Cannabis 2020

1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where you are from, where you went to school, where you live now? Are you a Florida Native?

Proud Florida native here! I was raised in the little town of Palmetto, FL and currently live in the St.Pete/Tampa area.

2 – Do you support Medical Marijuana? How about Adult Use? Please explain why.

I absolutely support both. I’m a patient myself and not only has it done wonders for me but for my family and friends as well. As for adult use, I do believe that if this was an option similar to alcohol, we would see a decrease in alcohol and other substance abuses. Unfortunately, this is something I’ve witnessed first-hand with my own family. 

3 – Why did you decide to start working in cannabis. Do you have a personal story of a family member or friend?

In the beginning of my cannabis career, I was able to see the benefits in a variety of demographics and what hit close to home was seeing Veterans benefit from this miraculous plant. With my husband being a combat veteran, I found hope in what could be an alternative to prescription medication and alcohol. Although it’s still a journey, I’m proud to say that my husband is finding the relief he had been searching for. 

4 – When did you begin working in Cannabis? What is your current job title and how did you get your start.

I was blessed to have started back in 2017 on the holistic side of patient care with my sister in law who is a doctor of oriental medicine. In 2018, we partnered with a cannabis clinic to offer both holistic and cannabis care. I was able to then learn both sides which ultimately brought me to where I am today as a Patient & Community Outreach Coordinator for the West Coast of FL for RISE Dispensaries.

5 – How has working in the cannabis industry changed your perspective on marijuana and hemp.

I’ve always been a huge supporter of cannabis and hemp so if anything, being in the industry has increased my intrigue, passion and knowledge. 

6 – The cannabis industry is dominated by men, how has that affected you in pursuit of your current job. Has it limited your ability for you to be able to what you do. Has your being a woman given you the ability to approach cannabis from a different perspective.

Being an Asian-American woman in the cannabis industry in FL is unique in itself. In the future, I hope to educate our Asian communities about the benefits to help break away from the stigma. Our own cultures still do not accept this plant although at some point in the past, it was used in a variety of ways for hundreds of years. The industry may be dominated by men, but the ladies are rising! I’m thankful to have many strong women in the industry around me. Through our support of each other, we will RISE!

7 – As a Florida Women in Cannabis what do you believe needs to happen (change) to help mainstream the cannabis message.

Not being afraid of speaking about cannabis and really putting ourselves out there in regard to cannabis use and education, that alone would help us progress the cannabis message. 

8 – Do you use Medical Marijuana, do you have a MMJ card. Do you use CBD, or have hemp clothing?

Yes, I’m a patient and use CBD products every day. I love all things cannabis/hemp, so I do own various hemp items!

9 – Women tend to make most of the healthcare decisions in the home yet we keep marketing to men. I call it the Mannabis Syndrome. In your opinion what does the cannabis industry need to do to better market cannabis to women.

Having women in the industry and in those positions to make those calls is what is needed to progress our presence. RISE has a Tincture line called The Feel Collection…. “Created by Badass Women, for Badass Women”.  Enough said.