MÜV And StrainPrint: Furthering Cannabis As Medicine

By Danyal Swan

MUV & Strainprint


If there’s one thing holding cannabis nonbelievers back from the realm of acceptance, it’s the lack of research. In-vivo, observational studies measuring the impact of cannabis. Unfortunately, due to the current label of cannabis as a Schedule 1 Drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency, finding research studies supporting cannabis as medicine is easier said than done.

But the research is out there for those willing to find it.

With the help of Florida patients and Strainprint, MÜV has gained invaluable insights regarding cannabis as medicine – and the use of specific products for specific symptoms.

The Strainprint App – By Patients, For Patients

Stephanie Karasick had tried everything to help with her depression and anxiety and, after years of struggling with traditional pharmaceuticals, decided to explore alternative medicine in the form of medical cannabis. A week into this new path, Karasick noticed her uptick in mood – and that strains affected her differently. She took detailed notes of how she felt before and after medicating, how many doses it took of the product to achieve the desired effect, and how long the effects lasted.

After journaling and dialing in her own routine, Karasick had a thought – if I can track every step I take with a smart watch, why isn’t there a solution for tracking my medical cannabis sessions? 

Karasick took this question and, with the help of passionate data experts, developed Strainprint, the first medical cannabis journaling app created by patients, for patients.

Upon signup of the app, patients indicate the ailment they have and the symptoms tied to that ailment. Tracking a medicating session with cannabis products is as simple as tapping buttons within the app, with the beauty of tracking resulting in efficacies for symptom management. 

1. Indicate the symptom(s) they are seeking to ease

2. Indicate the severity of symptom(s) on a scale of 1-10

3. Select the MÜV strain/product being used (populated from “My Products”)

4. Record the dosage used (1 puff of vape, 1 dropper of tincture, etc.)

5. After 20 minutes (or more, depending on method of  onsumption), the app notifies the patient to record their symptom level post-medicating.

The change in the symptom from before and after medicating is calculated as the product’s efficacy for that specific symptom. While patients can view their personal efficacies from tracked sessions, an average efficacy is calculated for all symptoms. An average efficacy, too, is calculated for products by averaging the outcomes of all patients that tracked a specific product for a specific symptom.

Strainprint gives patients the power to take control of their symptom management; to identify the products that work best for their individual needs. The app takes these insights a step further, as the anonymized data is shared throughout the platform, guiding patients make informed decisions on the best products to add to their routine.

MUV Flower

MÜV & Strainprint: Revolutionizing Florida Medical Cannabis

MÜV saw the immense value in this platform. The app was added into the robust toolset utilized at the dispensaries in October of 2020. In the past year, 7,300 MÜV Patients enrolled with Strainprint and have recorded 49,000 medical cannabis tracking sessions. 

“The partnership with MÜV is one that we at Strainprint highly value,” said Andrew Mulnoff, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Strainprint. “Their commitment to furthering their understanding of strains and products to improve the health and wellness of their patients is palpable, and their patient base interaction with the app is a true testament to this.”

These patients are lovingly referred to as Patient Pioneers, Florida medical cannabis patients who are pioneers in self-reported cannabis research. MÜV Patient Pioneers are helping to gather real data about medical cannabis for symptom management through the Strain Assessment Program, and are rewarded with discounts upon completing 5 tracked sessions of an eligible strain or product. 

With their help, MÜV has made great strides in recommending products to patients.

MÜV Cannabis And Mental Health: The Data

Anxiety, depression, stress and other mental disorders are arguably pervasive issues in America. In fact, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports 40 million adults suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress each year. 

Cannabis has shown to be efficacious in quelling several mood disorders, and according to MÜV Patients, several products have been adept at easing symptoms*: 

Anxiety (47% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Cherry Punch Flower: 60% efficacious

Püre Maui Wowie Cartridge: 59% efficacious

Depression (51% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Püre Maui Wowie Cartridge: 71% efficacious

Durban Dream Flower: 61% efficacious

Stress (55% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

London Pound Mints Flower: 60% efficacious

Slurricane Flower: 68% efficacious

*Patient-reported data as of December 2021

MÜV Cannabis And Pain Management: The Data

Chronic pain, too, is highly prevalent in the United States. The CDC puts estimates at 11-40% of the U.S. population, and is often linked to mental health conditions. The current estimates of efficacies of cannabis for pain management are highly promising, particularly due to its minimal side effects when compared to opioids.

MÜV Patients have confirmed what early research has shown*:

Upper Back Pain (50% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Püre Canna-Tsu Cartridge: 68% efficacious

Strawberry Cough Flower: 56% efficacious

Joint Pain (49% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Wana Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Soft Chews: 65% efficacious

Wana Watermelon Hybrid Soft Chews: 67% efficacious

Headache (54% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Guru Flower: 71% efficacious

Ice Cream Cake Flower: 65% efficacious

*Patient-reported data as of December 2021

MÜV Cannabis And Insomnia: The Data

Insomnia is a symptom that can be brought about by a host of underlying issues, such as pain, or occur on its own. Short-term insomnia is prevalent in the U.S., reported by approximately 30% of Americans, according to the Sleep Association, and 10% of Americans experiencing chronic insomnia. Thankfully, cannabis has shown to ease the sleep issue. At MÜV, these strains and products include*:

Insomnia (53% average efficacy across all cannabis data)

Püre Blueberry Cartridge: 75% efficacious

THC EnCaps: 73% efficacious

*Patient-reported data as of December 2021

Mood disorders, pain, and insomnia are not all that is tracked within Strainprint. Patients can track up to three symptoms per medicating session, ranging from appetite issues to insomnia, seizures to bladder issues, allowing patients to truly customize their medicating experience. Of course, MÜV is not alone in seeing the value in this app.

Strainprint In Peer-Reviewed Studies

Strainprint data has been leveraged in several peer-reviewed research studies, a true testament to the app itself. These studies include:

• Short- and Long-term Effects of Cannabis on Headache and Migraine, published in the Journal of Pain. Washington State University researchers examined a total of 19,000 Strainprint self-reported medicating sessions. Researchers found that cannabis reduced headaches and migraines by 50%.

• Short- and Long-term Effects of Cannabis on Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. Researchers at Washington State University and the University of Pennsylvania Perleman School of Medicine analyzed over 11,500 tracked sessions recorded in the Strainprint app and found patients reported an average of 67% reduction in irritability, 62% reduction in intrusive thoughts, and 57% reduction in anxiety, and 51% reduction in flashbacks.

• Acute Effects of Cannabis on Symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. Researchers at Washington State University examined the effects of cannabis on symptoms of OCD, finding that inhaling cannabis reduced intrusive thoughts by 49% and compulsions by 60%.

This peer-reviewed research confirms what anecdotal evidence has claimed – that cannabis holds therapeutic value. Thanks to the Strainprint app, patients that track, and researchers, the results further support the calls for double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on the plant.

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Be The Research

The partnership between MÜV and Strainprint has furthered our knowledge of the plant as medicine in Florida, leading to helpful and data-backed recommendations to further well-being. Each day we inch closer to a wide acceptance of cannabis because of apps like Strainprint and the knowledge they bring forth.

This knowledge, however, would truly not be possible without our Patient Pioneers. Thank you for being pioneers in cannabis research, confirming the anecdotal stories, and for helping other patients like you in their own journeys with cannabis.