Nugtopia: Artist Kole Trent

Nugtopia Gorilla Glue
Nugtopia's Gorilla Glue
Artist Kole Trent –

I created Nugtopia to help push the taboo of cannabis out of society. I want a reason for everyone to smile and to think of it as a healing plant rather than a drug. The best way I could express my push for medicinal cannabis was to paint the most relatable strains and transform them into “Nug” characters. My passion for the medicinal cannabis industry came when our mother who was diagnosed with benign nodules in her breast tissue. Breast cancer runs deep in our family and our mom actually lost her mom to breast cancer. So with this new diagnosis, our mom went out to Colorado for a little while and was being treated with a concentrated form of cannabis. When she went in the hospital to do the extraction surgery, the surgeons searched for over an hour to find nothing but grains of sand that the tumors had shrunk down to. A miracle happened all due to a plant! Our mother’s story isn’t the only one out there so take some time and educate yourself on the beneficial medicinal properties of cannabis. 

HIGHLIFE Magazine May 2019

This May 2019 cover is for HIGHLIFE® Magazine is “The Florida High Life” by local Florida artist, Kole Trent. This artist is making his second appearance in HIGHLIFE. Besides being an “AWESOME” artist, him and his family do amazing social impact for those less fortunate. They often auction off their work with all the proceeds going to local charitable causes. Check out the shirts they are doing to help CannaMoms. Head over there RIGHT NOW and support CannaMoms. Kole truly represents what the “HIGHLIFE” is all about. Living a good, positive life infused with amazing social impact: The CannaMoms Collection

Nugtopia - Train Wreck
Nugtopia – Train Wreck