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Terpene: Bergamotene

Cannabis is becoming more accepted as a medicinal aid especially as more research is conducted to understand the complexity and advantages of the plant....

Terpene: Valencene

As interest in the medical cannabis industry grows, science is dissecting the cannabis plant even further to understand just how the complicated plant can...

Terpene: Nerolidol

The cannabis plant has been used medicinally for a multitude of health issues, specifically chronic pain. The use of cannabis has been well-documented throughout...

Terpene: Bisabolol

Alpha-bisabolol (α-bisabolol, bisabolol) is produced by the chamomile flower. Chamomile is known for its relaxing properties.  According to this 2010 review titled “Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future”, chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs discovered and used by humans

Terpene: Farnesene

Farnesene is commonly found in the coating of apple skins.  Farnesene naturally occurs in: Apple, orange, grapefruit juice, mandarin and lime peel, grape, pear, ginger, nutmeg and basil. Farnesene is known to be present in Turmeric which is relied upon for its anti-inflammatory effects. Farnesene is also known to be a natural insect repellent.

Terpene: Pulegone

Cannabis has been used for human consumption for centuries. Cannabis has been a source of food, fuel, paper, and building materials, a textile fiber,...
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